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MedView Chat

Patient initiated live chat from anywhere, at anytime

Using WhatsApp, MedView Patient Connect or a website, patients can quickly connect to your pharmacy to ask a question, seek advice and send and receive files.

The Chat appears in your pharmacy queue for selection – the patient’s dispensing history at the pharmacy is displayed assisting the pharmacist to offer suitable advice – all in real time.

MedView Chat


Offer a complete digital customer service experience

Receive paper scripts

Patients can use MedView Chat to send an image of their paper prescription to their pharmacy for an enquiry. This shows how live chat can be used via WhatsApp

Respond to enquiries

Patients can quickly connect with their Pharmacy to seek advice or ask a question. This shows how live chat can be used via WhatsApp

‘Live Chat’ with your pharmacy for FREE

Patients have two options to access ‘Live Chat’ with their pharmacy at no charge

  1. Through the MedView Patient Connect link provided on their eRx token
  2. Using the free WhatsApp messenger app – 6 million active users

Live Chat features tailored for community pharmacy

View Dispense History

Seamlessly view the patient’s dispense history from your pharmacy by clicking the ‘History’ tab within the Chat window.

Response shortcuts

Create your pharmacy’s own list of Response suggestions for frequently used text. You can have up to 50 Response suggestions and assigned shortcut codes – for professional and quick responses to your service enquiries.


Take your customer service to the next level!

Get Started with MedView Chat, an optional module of MedView Flow.

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