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Submit your ePrescription, anywhere, anytime

Easily submit your ePrescriptions to your local pharmacy via email, SMS or WhatsApp and have your medication delivered to your door or available for pickup.
It’s safe, simple and convenient.

Next time you visit your doctor and need medication you will now have the option to receive your prescription as an electronic prescription (ePrescription) via email or SMS and include it on your My Script List.
With MedView Patient Connect you can submit ePrescription orders to your local pharmacy of choice via email, SMS or your WhatsApp messaging app and have your medication ready for quick pickup or home delivery, depending on your pharmacy. See below how you send your ePrescriptions…

I would like to order my scripts with…

Email or SMS

Submit your ePrescription order to your pharmacy via email or sms in three simple steps



If you have a My Script List you can submit your medication order to your pharmacy with WhatsApp


Watch how to SMS your ePrescription

Using an iPhone

Using an Android


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