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Submit your ePrescription, anywhere, anytime

Easily submit your ePrescriptions to your local pharmacy via Fast Token Send and have your medication delivered to your door or available for pickup.

It’s safe, simple and convenient.

You now have the option to receive your prescription as an electronic prescription (ePrescription) via email or SMS and include it on your My Script List (MySL).
Pre order your ePrescriptions with your local pharmacy of choice to have your medication ready for quick pickup or home delivery, depending on your pharmacy. Learn how >

I would like to pre order my scripts from my pharmacy

Fast Token Send

Send your electronic prescription token to your local or nearest pharmacy for later collection or delivery – in three simple steps



You can use WhatsApp to connect with your pharmacy to request medication be dispensed from your MySL, ask a question or seek advice. Talk to your pharmacy about getting started

What is MySL?

Watch how to SMS your ePrescription

Using an iPhone

Using an Android


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