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MedView Flow

Seamlessly blend your existing paper prescription workflow to manage new electronic prescriptions.

MedView Flow is a pharmacy workflow management tool that brings paper based and electronic prescriptions into the one electronic workflow (or queue). Developed to ensure all Australian pharmacies can embrace the change to ePrescriptions with confidence, MedView Flow allows you to queue all incoming prescriptions and other tasks from submission to dispensing, checking and collection.
MedView Flow is a cloud-based tool which can be used with any dispensing software and is patient platform agnostic – meaning patients can use their preferred pharmacy app or website to submit their prescription.
MedView Flow


Give your patients flexible access to their medications

MedView Flow Mobile

Help your patients skip the queue with the MedView Flow Mobile App. Your pharmacy team can wirelessly scan your patients paper prescription barcodes or ePrescription tokens from anywhere in the pharmacy.


MedView Patient Connect

Allow your patients to submit their ePrescription tokens from anywhere, at any time directly into your queue via email or SMS with MedView Patient Connect, an optional module within MedView Flow.


My Script List

With the introduction of MySL (My Script List) you will be able to assist patients to register for and request access to their MySL active script list for dispensing, removing the need for ePrescription tokens.


Get ePrescription ready with MedView Flow


Register here

“MedView Flow is fairly intuitive, you start at the Script In and work through the process. I like that all the information is displayed in the picture of the prescription and written out on the screen.”

Tom, Owner of Priceline Pharmacy Mooroolbark

“MedView Flow is easy and intuitive, and requires little staff training.”

Josh, Pharmacist at Armidale Life Pharmacy

“ePrescriptions are easy for the customer and less paperwork. Even in a small town all the doctors are taking it on board, if you don’t adapt you will lose foot traffic. MedView Flow is easy to operate once you get the hang of it, and the pharmacists and staff have been able to pick it up easily.”

Larissa, Pharmacist at Priceline Pharmacy Nowra

“Good to be at the cutting edge. We are looking forward to the bigger picture with Active Script List!”

Tom, Owner of Sydenham Pharmacy

“We’ve just had such a disaster just trying to get scripts for our customers with COVID. I like the fact that ePrescriptions are secure and that it is now possible to manage our patients medications supply remotely. We are looking forward to managing our DAA patients.”

Fiona, Owner of Priceline Pharmacy Ararat

“Considering how complex ePrescriptions can be, MedView Flow is an easy step by step process. I definitely see the benefit of ePrescriptions, the Doctor can send the script to the patient straight away and does away with the fax which is so hard to manage.”

Jaya, Pharmacist at Priceline Pharmacy Armidale

What is an ePrescription?

Whilst prescription information has been transmitted electronically via eRx Script Exchange for over a decade, the legal document has remained the signed piece of paper. An ePrescription changes this so that the legal document becomes the prescription data which resides in eRx (or MediSecure).
Whilst the patient remains in control of who can access their prescription, the signed piece of paper is no longer required. It’s important to remember that this new type of prescription will be an option and some patients may still elect to receive a paper prescription.

How will an ePrescription be transmitted?

An ePrescription is transmitted from the doctor’s prescribing system to the prescription exchange (eRx or MediSecure) in an encrypted format. Once the legal prescription is in the exchange the patient controls which pharmacy can access it in one of two ways. The patient can choose to receive a Token via SMS, email or paper printout for each item prescribed, or they will be able to register for MySL, an active script list.

How do I prepare my pharmacy for ePrescriptions?

It’s important to start preparing your pharmacy now for ePrescriptions. Visit to find a range of resources, including – FAQ’s, ePrescribing Checklist and Guides, all designed to help you get your team and pharmacy ready to accept your first ePrescription.

Preview MySL in action within MedView Flow

MedView Flow Mobile

Queue your prescriptions faster with MedView Flow Mobile.

An extension of MedView Flow, the mobile App enables your team to wirelessly scan ePrescription tokens or barcodes on paper prescriptions from anywhere in the pharmacy.
Pharmacy staff can scan all prescriptions straight into a basket, set the expected date and time that the patient would like to collect, add notes and then submit the basket into the MedView Flow queue. The simple streamlined workflow is the fastest way to queue scripts!
It is available to download now from your App store: App Store for iPhone & Google Play.

MedView Patient Connect

Allow your patients to submit their ePrescriptions from anywhere, at anytime.

MedView Patient Connect enables patients to submit their ePrescription tokens to your pharmacy and directly into your MedView Flow Queue.
Patients now have the choice to receive their prescription as an ePrescription token, either as an email or SMS. The patient is then able to submit their ePrescription token via email or SMS to their pharmacy of choice and place their order. MedView Patient Connect is intended to assist patients isolated by COVID-19 restrictions and supports contact-less pick-up and delivery for new and repeat ePrescriptions.
MedView Patient Connect


MedView Patient Connect is an optional module of MedView Flow and is currently activated for all MedView Flow pharmacies FREE of charge until 30 June 2021*.
This has been extended to continue to assist during the COVID-19 crisis and while the module is in beta phase. After this period the indicative pricing for MedView Patient Connect is $30 ex GST per month, per pharmacy excluding messaging costs list below-

* From 24 August 2020 all pharmacies with MedView Flow will have MedView Patient Connect activated and will need to deactivate the feature if they no longer want access to the service. Free access is subject to MedView Patient Connect fair use policy on transaction costs.

Patient resources

See how patients send ePrescriptions
Download patient brochure



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