Bring your pharmacy baskets into the digital age!

The battery-powered device is designed to digitise your pharmacy baskets to communicate securely and efficiently with MedView Flow.  Displaying script, medication, and additional information - digital baskets offer your community pharmacy a variety of features aimed at improving operational efficiency and minimising handling errors.

  • Smarter management of prescription workflow
  • Faster processing of prescriptions
  • Safer handling of prescription orders sent remotely

No more hunting for the right basket

The basket’s LED light signals clearly to your team when an order is received and needs checking. The alert activated by the customers unique collection QR code also indicating if they need to speak to the pharmacist.

Better serve your customers with smart automation

Receive script orders direct to basket. Send automated live SMS notifications to customers when their order is ready. Once medication is collected baskets reset – ready to receive the next order.

Confidence your customers receive the correct medication

Your pharmacy team can easily review the baskets script/order and customer information via the smart screen to perform a quick check, and activate collection ready status - directly via the digital basket

ePrescription orders direct to digital basket

Patient Orders

Patient sends eScript to chosen pharmacy remotely from App or Web.

Patient Orders

Pharmacy basket receives

MedView Flow Digital Basket flashes and loads patient order to the basket for the pharmacy to dispense.

Pharmacy basket receives

Patient Collects

Live SMS notifications to patient when order is ready with unique collection QR code.

Patient Collects

See how digital baskets can streamline your pharmacy workflow

ePrescription orders sent remotely

Received pre-ordered ePrescriptions from a website or App direct to your MedView Digital Basket.

ePrescriptions presented in-store

MedView Digital Baskets streamline the process where a patient presents their ePrescription in-store.