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MedView Flow Hardware Considerations

One area to consider with ePrescribing and MedView Flow is how you will process ePrescriptions and specifically what, if any, enhancements you will make to your store layout and computer hardware requirements.

We expect the number of electronic scripts to be low in the initial rollout period, and as such you will have time to work out your personal preferences before you make changes to your store. For some stores their existing IT hardware and layout may suffice, however if you think you may require new IT hardware at the initial stages, we recommend keeping pharmacy changes to a minimum while you learn how your customers and team will interact with electronic scripts. Over time we will be able to share learnings from early adopter sites to help guide your thoughts on potential pharmacy changes. Within your pharmacy there are two areas to think about-

  • The Script In Process – How you will receive electronic scripts in?
  • The Script Queuing Process – How you will dispense electronic scripts without paper to view?

The answer to these two questions will vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, depending on your own personal preferences, customer demand, existing hardware and the physical layout of your pharmacy.


With the introduction of ePrescriptions you will now be presented with a QR code on a patient’s phone (or even a printed copy!), which you will need to scan and process using MedView Flow.  Below are some hardware options for handling ePrescriptions at your pharmacy  –

Option one

If you already have a PC and an attached scanner at, or near your Scripts In counter then this will be sufficient to accept ePrescriptions. Any scanner bought within the last 3-4 years can scan a QR code on a phone. You could also look at using a nearby POS terminal.

Option two

If you do not have a POS or Script In PC at present or they are too old and overworked, you may need to look at setting up some desk space which has access to power and a network point and can serve as a place for patients to present their ePrescriptions.  For this space you would need to obtain –

  • A desktop PC and,
  • A barcode scanner

Option three

For a more mobile setup in your pharmacy you could look to incorporate-

  • A mobile device – Microsoft Windows Tablet or Laptop, or an iPad/Android Tablet (iPads, Android Tablets and some Laptops may not be supported by your IT provider)
    • Must have a camera to scan ePrescriptions
    • Should connect wirelessly and could serve as a multi-purpose device such as forward dispensing (if a Microsoft Windows device)
    • When using an iPad, only the Safari browser is supported. Other browsers will not be able to detect the inbuilt camera, as set by Apple.
    • May need a lockable stand and/or a docking station


With an ePrescription all the script information is virtual and only viewable on a computer. MedView Flow allows you to view script information and manage your dispensing workflow. You can run MedView Flow on your dispense station in several different ways-

Option one

During the roll out phase of ePrescriptions  you may decide to initially use your existing Dispense terminal to view MedView Flow. By using Alt-Tab you can quickly switch between programs to view script information. Whilst we don’t recommend this workflow when ePrescription volumes increase, this option will allow you to familiarise yourself with the tool.

Option two

If you want to be able to view the ePrescription information at the same time as dispensing and completely monitor your workload you may need to consider adding-

  • A second monitor to view MedView Flow
    • Check your PC can support a dual monitor setup
    • Adding a second monitor (we suggest in portrait view) to your existing dispense terminal is a low cost and easy to install
    • You will need an additional power point to support the second monitor.

Option three

Alternatively, you can use a different device altogether in the dispensary to interact with MedView Flow, such as –

  • A Microsoft Windows Tablet or Laptop or iPad/Android Tablet (iPads, Android Tablets, Laptops may not be supported by your PC provider)
    • This device could be portable and multi-purpose and could be the same device you use for Scripts In while electronic script volumes are low (if a Microsoft Windows device)
    • When using an iPad, only the Safari browser is supported. Other browsers will not be able to detect the inbuilt camera, as set by Apple.

Knowledge around ePrescriptions is evolving fast with COVID-19 and so will customer’s expectations as we move to a contactless world. Future considerations may include:

  • Self-serve Scripts In kiosks
  • Wallboards providing both customers and pharmacy staff live workflow information
  • Multi-purpose portable devices for eScripts, POS, Back Office and Dispensing

Fred IT Group can supply a range of ePrescription ready hardware options including scanners, monitors, and tablets that have been tested with MedView Flow.


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