Streamline your pharmacy workflow

MedView Flow is a cloud-based tool that streamlines pharmacy workflow and can help you improve medication management and safety for both your pharmacy and patients.

Offer advanced customer service with flexible options for ordering medication and accessing your pharmacy, all seamlessly managed in one electronic queue from script in/contact, queue, check and complete.

Connect with the digital patient and grow your pharmacy today!

MedView Flow can be used with any dispensing software and is patient platform agnostic – meaning patients can use their preferred pharmacy app or website to submit their prescription.

Connect with the digital patient and grow your pharmacy today!

Electronic Prescriptions

Whilst prescription information has been transmitted electronically via eRx Script Exchange for over a decade, the legal document has remained the signed piece of paper. An ePrescription changes this so that the legal document becomes the prescription data which resides in eRx.

Whilst the patient remains in control of who can access their prescription, the signed piece of paper is no longer required. It’s important to remember that this new type of prescription is an option and some patients may still elect to receive a paper prescription.

How is an ePrescription transmitted?

An ePrescription is transmitted from the doctor’s prescribing system to the prescription exchange (eRxin an encrypted format. Once the legal prescription is in the exchange the patient controls which pharmacy can access it in one of two ways. The patient can choose to receive a Token via SMS, email or paper printout for each item prescribed, or they will be able to register for MySL, an active script list.