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Scan, sort and store your dispensed prescriptions securely in the cloud.

Simply scan dispensed prescriptions using a document scanner and MedView Paperless will do the sorting for you, identifying any missing prescriptions. Your scanned prescriptions are stored in a privately managed secure cloud. If you get audited, simply search for the prescription, find it in seconds and email it directly to Medicare.

MedView Paperless
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Why Pharmacists love it!
“Never going back to the manual system. It is so easy to use and all of my teams love the benefits. One of the best time savers ever!”
David Bell, Priceline Pharmacy Jewells

“Dealing with thousands of scripts daily, MedView Paperless has made it much quicker and easier to locate scripts. Our staff find it extremely easy to use with little to no training required and allows us to focus on the customer.”

Georgina Twomey, Alive Pharmacy Warehouse lnnisfail
“MedView Paperless saves my pharmacy 80% of resource time when it comes to sorting and claiming. Plus it gives real time feedback on missing scripts so I can locate them on the same day. Now that we have it, we couldn’t go back to manual.”
Anand Vaitha , Arundel Chempro Pharmacy
“Absolutely love it! It saves so much time; and to double check scripts when there is a query on how many repeats were prescribed you just bring them up on the scanner. Would recommend every pharmacy should have one”
Brett Nagel, Nagel's Pharmacy
“My staff love it! MedView Paperless allows them to concentrate on key tasks in the pharmacy rather than menial tasks such as manually sorting scripts.”
Anand Vaitha, Arundel Chempro Pharmacy

“MedView Paperless has been a fantastic addition to our pharmacy. It enables our staff to spend more time with our customers & provide a better level of service. I wish we had got it earlier!”

Tony Sarena, TerryWhite Chemmart Southland

“It’s worth it. Saves time & money! When we want to find a script we simply look it up. The paper claim sorting is much simpler. Scanner is reliable & easy to use.”

George Parker, Priceline Pharmacy Nowra

“We love Paperless because it saves so much time – we spend less time sorting scripts and more time focusing on customer service.”

Cincotta Discount Chemist, Orange
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