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MedView Patient Connect

Allow your patients to submit their ePrescriptions from anywhere, at anytime.

MedView Patient Connect enables patients to submit their ePrescriptions to your pharmacy and directly into your MedView Flow Queue.
Patients now have the choice to receive their prescription as an ePrescription token either via email or SMS. The patient is then able to submit their ePrescription via email or SMS to their pharmacy of choice and place their order. MedView Patient Connect is intended to assist patients isolated by COVID-19 restrictions and supports contact-less pick-up and delivery for new and repeat ePrescriptions.
MedView Patient Connect


MedView Patient Connect is an optional module of MedView Flow and is currently activated for all MedView Flow pharmacies FREE of charge until 30 June 2021*.
This has been extended to continue to assist during the COVID-19 crisis and while the module is in beta phase. After this period the indicative pricing for MedView Patient Connect is $30 ex GST per month, per pharmacy excluding messaging costs list below-

* From 24 August 2020 all pharmacies with MedView Flow will have MedView Patient Connect activated and will need to deactivate the feature if they no longer want access to the service. Free access is subject to MedView Patient Connect fair use policy on transaction costs.

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